Ac’s Pointer of the day: “Welcome to Today”


Welcome to today.
Limited time only!
All sales are final.
No returns.
No exchanges.

You should do something with it…

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Ac’s Pointer of the Day: “Reign it in”


One can gain immense power, but that does not necessarily infer immense control.

You will still have limitations.

The biggest problem with vision is that the further one can see, the more oblivious one becomes to those things closest. One can blind themselves to the what is immediately surrounding them.

Examine the classic image of the Fool, and one can see that the major arcana of the tarot is an ouroboros.

The World can lead back to The Fool, and does so without warning.



Ac’s Pointer of the Day: “Get out of your way!”


Find your inspiration, destroy the mundi lacrimarum, and rebuild it your way.
It’s as simple as it sounds.
What makes you think it isn’t?
Who ever told you that you couldn’t?!
What gave them the right?

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Ac’s Pointer of the Day: Imbolc and the Fist of Spring

Seasonally, the first day of Spring, if you’re not a total back-birth.
Symbolically, the Mother Goddess begins “Maiden” status, reaching her first menses for this incarnation, and the Freudian Nightmare that is the Wiccan Passion-Play begins.

…and you wonder why I call myself an atheist?!!?
You can’t take the blood, rage, & sex out of life and still claim to walk a path in Truth.
To be a Witch, one must acknowledge their nature, and stop trying to make a spirituality devoid of it.
The Mother Goddess is not “precious”.


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Ac’s Journal: 2014/12/22, “Reinvention Day” Addendum!

Today is reinvention day.

Yesterday at international sunset being my birthday, I chose today to reinvent myself. I chose today to kick the dark shadows of the soul, the poor choices of every moment, the fuzzy motivations for the future.

We all know what the perfect version of ourselves looks like. It doesn’t matter where this image comes from, be it within, or on a screen, or in a book. If we didn’t contain it then we couldn’t see it, let alone see it as possible within ourselves. Walk like a runway model because it looks beautiful to you. Speak with elegance because you like the way it sounds on you, etc..

These affectations aren’t any more artifice than living as other expect you. Less than, in fact, because they, and more, are what you perceive as you. Donn them like clothing. You create the clothes that “make the man”. Don’t let your mother pick them for you.

Your presentation changes are a simple, shallow shell compared to the internal workings I mention modifying, today.
You know the stupid things you do wrong, over and over, as I know mine myself.

Know Thyself, Witch!
Today I spend time in introspection. I spend twice as much time at those parts I don’t want to acknowledge.

Let’s see what happens…



…aaaaaaaaaand “BOOM”!
I got a job, today.

Not 6 hours into my “Karmic Readjustment”, I explore the concept of spellcasting when, rather than negatively beat-down the competition, one grants them through sorcery a better path than that which conflict with yours.
It works.


I start tomorrow at 11am.


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Ac’s Journal: No Complaints!

I love moving. It’s like taking inventory. It’s re-invention. It’s relieving. It’s a weight off one’s shoulders. It’s a new group of neighbors. It’s a new relationship with yourself.

That said; lots of things need to wait a week or  three for me to get back on track.

No complaints!

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Ac’s Pointer of the Day: Cast Daily, Cast Often.


You never know what your strengths are until you test yourself. That means actually doing something. Test the waters, all the waters, every avenue of Witchcraft withing your comfort zone, at first, and then push the edges. You can’t do until you first try.

If you’ve decided to follow this path, walk this walk, then you’re just hobbling yourself by not casting daily, and whenever you see something that needs doing.

Daily should be your minimum.
Reflex-Casting is your goal.

Make your Magic instantaneous, because if it can’t be practiced under duress, it won’t be there when you really need it.


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